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Type 3
Automated Stench System®

The Type 3 Automatic Stench System® is a revolutionary solution that is patent protected and sets the standard for mine safety. This automated system operates by dispensing the stench at a metered rate, tailored to your specific needs.


It can simultaneously cover multiple sites, even when they are kilometers apart. This capability ensures maximum mine penetration, precise worker exposure rates, and immediate response to any adverse situation within the mine.

With its unmatched reliability and cost-effectiveness, the Type 3 Automatic Stench System® has become the most widely used Mine Warning Device globally. Developed over a span of 30 years, it represents the culmination of continuous innovation and refinement.

Features of Type 3 Automated Stench System

  • Each system is Custom and Unique and designed to the customer’s specification.

  • Metered Injection Rate means proper exposure to the workforce.

  • Continual system feedback

  • Minimal moving parts

  • Manual Back-Up Override System

  • Digital Timer Control (Lockable) System

  • Multiple Remote Activation hardwire, PLC Rapid, Fiber Optic, Leaky Feeder, Ethernet

  • Reliable – Zero (0) Return Rate

  • Top Quality Parts use

  • Multiple Cylinder Panels are available

  • Adjustable to Local Environmental Restrictions

  • All units pre-tested for pressure and Time

  • Future airflow requirements can be considered at the time of manufacturing – The system can grow as your mine grows

Standard System Includes

  • Steel Nema Rated Enclosures. Electrical Panel Enclosure configured inside Large Panel Enclosure.

  • Digital Timer (Lockable) 10-year memory back-up

  • S.S. & Aluminum injection Parts (Including Valves)

  • Manual Back-Up System

  • S.S. Gauge (Pressure)

  • Single Cylinder Bracket

  • Ready for Installation

  • S.S. Continuous Feed Back Transmitter

  • Electrical Dwg’s & Installation Manuals

Optional Equipment & Services

  • Multiple Cylinder Application Enclosures

  • Heater & Insulation Package for Below Zero Deg Celsius Applications.

  • Status Indication – Push to Test Lighted Buttons Station

  • Fiberglass panels available

  • S.S. panels available

  • ESA Approval (Ontario Code)

  • Support Services and, System Set up Calculation Assistance


One of the key advantages of the Type 3 system is its ability to provide real-time feedback on its readiness. This feedback mechanism enhances operational readiness and ensures that the system is always prepared to respond effectively to any potential hazards.

Choose the Type 3 Automatic Stench System® to elevate mine safety to new heights. Contact us today to learn more about this state-of-the-art solution and how it can be customized to meet the specific needs of your mining operation.
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