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Stench Gas®

Stench Gas® is designed to be a First Line of defense for underground personnel.

It is the most reliable and widely used Mine Warning Device on the market today.

What is Stench Gas®?


Ethyl Mercaptan (Ethanethiol) is a highly valuable colorless organic liquid (C2H5SH) that possesses a distinctive strong odor. It serves a crucial purpose as a warning agent when added to odorless gases used for fuel. In the mining industry, Ethyl Mercaptan is utilized in a similar manner, acting as the sole reliable method of alerting underground personnel to potential issues within the mine. This compound has an impressive detection threshold, as humans can perceive it at an approximate concentration as low as 0.6 parts per billion.

With our advanced cylinder design and formulation, the Ethyl Mercaptan product we provide is non-flammable, ensuring maximum safety during handling and usage. It can be easily injected into the gas supply before or after the heater house, seamlessly integrating into existing infrastructure without compromising operational efficiency.

The ultimate outcome of employing Ethyl Mercaptan as a warning agent is the assurance of a definitive alert system for all workers underground. By promptly detecting the presence of this odorant, it serves as a vital signal to immediately communicate emergencies and necessitate appropriate safety precautions. This critical capability helps safeguard the well-being of mining personnel and ensures a rapid response to any potential hazards or incidents, ultimately fostering a secure working environment.


To counteract the effects of Ethyl Mercaptan and maintain a clean working environment, we have developed Anti-Stench. This powerful product is specifically designed to neutralize residual odors within compressor lines.

We highly recommend flushing your compressor lines with Anti-Stench on a regular basis. By doing so, you can effectively eliminate any lingering stench and ensure a fresh and odor-free environment inside the pipes.

With Anti-Stench, you can confidently neutralize unwanted odors, enhancing safety and comfort for underground personnel. Contact us to learn more about implementing this solution for effective odor control in your mining operations.


Wintergreen is a powerful agent that can be utilized in a Fresh Air System to serve as a mask and deodorizer for Ethyl Mercaptan. By incorporating Wintergreen into your operations, you can expedite the production process and minimize downtime.

Our Anti-Stench and Wintergreen Cylinders are designed to ensure optimal preparation of Compressed or Ventilation Air Lines. They effectively neutralize odors and create a more pleasant working environment, allowing for quicker resumption of production.

By choosing our Wintergreen solution, you can efficiently mask the odor of Ethyl Mercaptan, enabling your team to focus on their tasks without any distractions. Contact us today to learn more about how Wintergreen can enhance your operations and improve efficiency.

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Stench Injection Systems

MWD-100-E-H-SC-240 (Ethyl Mercaptan)
MWD-200-E-H-LC-200 (Ethyl Mercaptan)
MWD-300-E-H-LC-200 (Ethyl Mercaptan)
MWD-500-E-H-LC-200 (Ethyl Mercaptan)
MWD-500-E-H-LC-400 (Ethyl Mercaptan)

MWD-500-W-H-LC-200 (Wintergreen)
MWD-100-W-H-SC-240 (Wintergreen)

MWD-500-A-LC-400 (Anti-Stench)
MWD-100-A-SC-240 (Anti-Stench)

Stench Gas® Zacon


Stench Systems®

The Reliable Mine Warning Device

Stench Systems® is the leading and trusted Mine Warning Device used worldwide. Designed to safeguard underground personnel, this safety system relies on your sense of smell and the Ventilation or Compressed Air System to deliver crucial messages. Choose Stench Systems® for reliable and effective early warning signals in mining operations.

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