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Light Duty Balance Ventilation Door – LT BVD

Balanced Ventilation Doors (BVD) Underground Installation

The LT BVD is based on Zacon Limited’s proven Balance Ventilation Door and holds the same quality, durability, Low maintenance reliability, and customer service needed for your mining operation to function properly.

The parts are interchangeable, other than the parts that are based on the size of the door. The Low maintenance of the doors is something that our customers have come to enjoy, with less downtime because of parts breaking, or not being able to repair a door in-house because there are hundreds of pieces and complexity of other door systems.
The doors are known to open and closed 300 plus times a day if needed without issue, or opened and closed when needed and you can trust that you will not have any issues.
The LT BVD gives you the capability of installing, maintaining, and fixing the door on-site, without needing offsite help.

Offering In-Person Visits

We offer in-person visits for a crash course on how the doors work, installation, and maintenance here in our facility in Sudbury Ontario. We have a full-size door in the house where individuals can learn and master the doors that they have on-site. This gives your employees the knowledge the needs to make sure your doors work, and that if they need to fix them because of an incident.

BVD Accessories Images

Choose Zacon's Light Duty Balance Ventilation Door to elevate safety measures in your facility.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover how our doors can enhance safety in your facility.

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