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Type 1
Manual Stench System®

Stench Systems® is specifically designed to provide a quick, simple, and affordable temporary solution for the initial set-up of mine operations. It offers a convenient option for immediate implementation, although it is not intended to be used as a long-term Mine Warning Device.

With its adjustable features, Stench Systems® can be customized to meet your specific requirements. It utilizes the same cylinders as our Automated System®, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. This means that upgrading to an Automated System® is a straightforward process when the time is right.

Features of Type 1 Manual Stench System

  • Each system is Custom and Unique and is made to the customer’s specification.

  • Minimal moving parts

  • Reliable – Zero (0) Return Rate

  • Quality Parts

  • All units pre-tested for pressure

Manual Standard Type 1 Includes

  • Steel Nema Rated 4 Enclosures. Electrical Panel Enclosure configured inside Large Panel Enclosure.

  • S.S. & Aluminum injection Parts (Including self-cleaning Valves) 2000 wag system

  • S.S. Gauge (Pressure)

  • Single Cylinder Bracket

  • Ready for Installation easy install

Optional Equipment & Services

  • Heater & Insulation Package for Below Zero Deg Celsius Applications.

  • Fiberglass panels available

  • S.S. panels available (304 and 316 Stainless) Nema 4x rated

Stench Systems® offers a practical and efficient solution for getting your mine operations up and running swiftly.

Contact us today to learn more about how Stench Systems® can support your initial set-up needs and discuss the possibilities of transitioning to an Automated System® in the future.
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