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Empowering safety through life-saving products.

Providing advanced solutions for ventilation and personnel protection.

Stench System by Zacon Limited

Your safety is our priority. Discover our life-saving product lineup.

Experience the next generation of safety technology with our revolutionary products. Harnessing the latest advancements in engineering and design, our solutions provide unmatched performance, reliability, and peace of mind.


Balanced Doors

Step into a Safer Environment with Zacon's Balanced Ventilation and Personnel Doors

Stench Gas Detection System by Zacon Limited

Trailblazing Safety Solutions: Redefining Industry Standards

At Zacon Limited, we are at the forefront of safety solutions. Our commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo has enabled us to redefine industry standards. By combining advanced technologies, meticulous craftsmanship, and rigorous testing, we deliver products that meet the highest safety benchmarks.

We are committed to making a global impact by protecting lives across borders. Our solutions have been deployed in various industries and environments, safeguarding the well-being of individuals, communities, and organizations. We actively seek opportunities to expand our reach and create a safer world for all.

Zacon providing safety solution worldwide

Providing Safety Solutions Worldwide


Years of Experience


Equipping Countries Around the Globe
with Our Safety Solutions

37 years of experience and Zacon Beginning

Our Beginning

Zacon Limited began operations in 1987 with the concept to manufacture, service, and export Mine Automated Safety Products.


In the beginning, the company developed a System to inject stench into a mine, using a specific (Measured and Metered) amount, over a specified time and observing the short-term exposure limit (S.T.E.L.).


We have since developed it to use on Ventilation on demand. Not long after we developed the “Patented Zacon Balanced Ventilated Door” (BVD) and the “Balanced Personnel Door” (BPD) and the control systems to match.

Doing Business with the World

And Many More....

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